Are You Making This Mistake with Emails?

Here's how to fix that...

Be honest. Are your emails all about you? It’s an easy trap to fall into - and you may not even realise you're doing it - but you're probably not engaging your readers.

Truth is, your readeris likely going about their busy day, with an in-box chock-full of messages, and doesn’t care too much about what’s going on with you.  Sorry. 🤷‍♀️

⚡They do, however, care quite a lot about THEMSELVES. ⚡

So, try turning things around by making your message all about your reader.

It’s easier than you think. Just find a way of shifting the emphasis from “I/me/we” to “you”.

❌ Instead of talking about how awesome your product or service is

✅ tell your reader what benefits THEY can expect to reap from it.

❌ In place of:  ’We’re excited to announce our new [whatever]…’

✅ try a more customer-centric approach with: ‘You’ll love our new [whatever]…’

❌ Rather than say “I’ve been an expert in my field for 20 years.”

✅ say: “As a client, you’ll benefit from my 20 years of knowledge and experience.”

See? Easy. 😊

your emails to put your customer firmly at the centre of the universe is an easy and effective way to guide people through the KNOW-LIKE-TRUST journey and get better response rates.

Give it a try.

PS - yesterday, I received a business email that clocked up these word stats and prompted me to write this post:

Mentions of:
I = 15
Me/My = 13
You = 2

🙈 Please don’t be the one to send those emails.