Copywriting and content marketing
that helps you connect.

I help small businesses and not-for-profits to overcome their fear of marketing, get organised and connect with customers and clients in meaningful ways.

If you're suffering from marketing overwhelm and don't know where to begin, or simply don't have the time to do it yourself, I can help.

Whether you're in the initial stages of finding the right voice for your brand, or want to spice up a neglected website that may have gone stale, I'll work with you to make sure that your marketing communications strategy delivers results.

Don't have a marketing communications strategy? Don't worry - working with me is like having your own mini marketing department and, as part of the process, you'll end up with the beginnings of one as a nice little bonus.

I'll get you organised, give you a workable plan and have you feeling in control of your marketing communications. You might even find it quite fun.

Connecting customers. Building brands.

Your website is the place to showcase your brand, products or services and to connect with your customers or clients. Stunning graphics will make it visually appealing, but that's not why your visitors came; they need information that's clear, concise and compelling enough to keep them there. Let's write something that really makes you stand out and shine.

You run your business. I'll write about it.

Blogs, social media posts and email marketing are now essential implements in your content marketing toolbox but coming up with topic ideas, planning, researching and writing is time consuming and can be really tough (and unenjoyable) if you're not a writer. Spend your precious hours doing what you do best and while you get busy running your business, I can take care of writing about it.

Smash your marketing communication goals.

The ways in which organisations communicate are almost endless but each of them - newsletters, articles, advertisements, media releases, social media posts, brochures, product descriptions, email marketing and more - should achieve a stated objective and produce results. Let's take a look at your brand's strategy and work together to define your marketing communication goals, then smash them.

Let's do good together

I'm a huge fan of nonprofit organisations, social enterprises and people who help others.
Ask about special rates for deserving causes and let's do good together.

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