Defining your Unique Value Proposition

All your marketing communications start here.

🤔 Why should a customer choose you? Unless your product or service is entirely new, cutting-edge and in hot demand, it’s likely that your customers have choices.

Maybe a lot of choices.

Stand out to make your offering more attractive in some way by defining your
UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION (or unique selling point) and making it crystal
clear to your audience.

A good place to begin is by asking yourself:

⚡ What do you do DIFFERENTLY?

⚡ What do you do BETTER?

⚡ How do you ADD VALUE?

⚡ What problem do you SOLVE?

Once you’ve determined what makes you uniquely attractive, try to distill that idea down into a 1-sentence statement that captures your essence.

Here are some good examples:

⭐ Uber: The smartest way to get around.

⭐ Rocketspark: Beautifully simple websites.

⭐ Mint:  The free, easy way to manage your money online.

⭐ Skype: Skype keeps the world talking, for free.

Once you’ve settled on your UVP, sing it from the rooftops!

📢 Write a blog about it, put it on your website, landing page, email signature, even on the quotes and invoices you send out.

Of course, there’s a bit more to the process and this is just a simple overview, but hopefully it should get you started.

If you need some help formulating yours, get in touch for a quick chat. 😊